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Learn How to Reset/Change yahoo Account Password

Yahoo Mail Password is very important to remember. Otherwise, you will not be able to read the important info in your Yahoo Mail Inbox. You never need to worry on any ground if you have forgotten Yahoo Mail Password. Here, we are giving you the complete details about how to recover Yahoo Mail Password with few simple steps. In next lines, you will read the details about Yahoo Mail Password recovery exercise. According to your choice, you can either use mobile phone or desktop/laptop to complete the exercise in a quick time.

Simple Steps To Reset Yahoo Account Password

    • Go to Yahoo Sign In page
    • Enter affected Yahoo Mail or phone number
    • Press ‘Continue’
    • Select recovery mail
    • Receive message in alternate email
    • Click ‘Create A New Password’ (provide phone number and click continue if you want to reset Yahoo Password using phone number)
    • Yahoo algorithms will ask if you possess this phone
    • Click ‘Yes, Text Me Verification Code’
    • Type received code in the verification box
    • Press ‘Verify’ 
    • In next window, you will see multiple accounts which are connected through this phone number (choose the affected one)
    • Click ‘Create A New Password’
    • Type captcha to complete the process
    • Press ‘Continue’
    • Create and confirm new password for your Yahoo Email Account

Recover Yahoo Password Without Phone

You never need to worry on any ground if you do not have attached mobile phone with Yahoo Email Account. Next, we are providing the complete details about How To Reset Yahoo Email Password without phone number.  Kindly follow below mentioned steps to meet your expectation without any problem.

    • Login to
    • Select Yahoo Mail Account
    • Click ‘forgot Login Password’
    • You will get three options to recover Yahoo Password
    • Entry Yahoo Login Address for alternate email
    • Click ‘Proceed’
    • Two options will display on next screen
    • Click ‘Yes, Send Me An Email’
    • Select ‘Proceed’
    • Receive recovery email with a recovery code in alternate email
    • Enter recovery code
    • Click submit
    • Either you can continue with the Yahoo Account or prefer to create new password for Yahoo Email Account

In case, you do not have access to an alternate email or phone number then you can reset Yahoo Password by answering the security question. Please make sure that you have answered correctly to the security question asked. It is one of the easiest solutions to reset the Yahoo Password. 

Why Is It Important To Change Yahoo Password?

Yahoo Email Account is one of the easiest and most dependable solutions to keep credentials at a safe and secured place. Therefore, it is very important to protect Yahoo Account Password from everybody. There are multiple risks & threats which might cause significant harm to your personal information. So, make sure that your Yahoo Password is available with you only.  In case, you have forgotten the password then reset at the earliest point of time to annihilate the possibilities of different kinds of inconveniences and hassles.

Simple Steps To Change Yahoo Password Using Mobile/Desktop

We always take best care for the convenience of Yahoo Mail subscribers. Just because of this approach, we always help them to recover the Yahoo Mail Password whenever they forget or want to reset password for any other significant reason. 

Change Yahoo Password From Desktop/Laptop:
    • Visit through your desktop/laptop
    • Click tab with your name
    • Click ‘Account Information’
    • Select ‘Account Security’
    • Re-type login credentials
    • Press Sign In
    • Tap Change Password (Tap ‘Manage’, Select Disable the account key, Press Yes, Disable the account key, Click Understood and finally Click Change Password)
    • Type new password twice
    • Click ‘Continue’ (You have successfully changed the Yahoo Password)
Change Yahoo Password From Mobile:
    • Go to Yahoo Mail
    • Tap Yahoo Mail App
    • Sign In with credentials
    • Select Menu
    • Press Manage accounts
    • Find and click account name
    • Hold Account Information
    • Press ‘Security Settings’
    • Type entrance code
    • Select ‘Change Password’
    • Tap ‘I prefer to change my password’
    • Create new password
    • Verify new password
    • Click continue (Congratulations! You have successfully changed the password for your Yahoo Mail Account)


It is suggested to change Yahoo Password on a frequent basis. This exercise ensures that nobody will get unauthorized access to your Yahoo Mail to cause any kind of unpredictable condition. You are also advised to carry out this exercise in a careful manner. So that, you are also not facing any other kind of problem to compromise upon the unforeseen situation.