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A Quick Set Up Guide

The Rapid Help

A rapid increase in the use of computers, though has simplified our lives it definitely requires technical support to function properly. From buying a system that fulfils your requirement, uploading the applications, securing it from malfunctions to troubleshooting, it requires a lot of services. The Rapid Help is a service provider for:

  • Diagnostics,
  • Maintenance,
  • Troubleshooting
  • Solutions for
  • computer problem
  • Support for Tabs and similar
  • devices
  • Support for smartphone
  • management and configuration.
The Rapid help Facing Issue

The trained and certified technicians at The Rapid Help identify and fix problems with computers, software, networks, smartphones, tablets and many more. Using the latest computer support tools and remote technology we make service easy and affordable.

Services at The Rapid Help

Our services allow you to seek and receive computer maintenance and management services, either locally from your home and office or remotely via the internet. We help you with all your technology needs:

  • Software issues
  • Home networking,
  • Using the applications,
  • Problems with purchase through the website.
  • Difficulty with subscriptions.
  • Email setup problems,
  • Password issues
  • Managing Internet
  • Configure smartphones,
  • Create a backup,
  • Antivirus, and security software,
  •  Virus removal,
  • Troubleshooting

Why The Rapid Help?

  • The technicians at The Rapid Help are well informed and experts in their field. We have access to the latest tools and technology to provide you excellent service.
  •  We have resources for providing clients with immediate responses, customized solutions, required products, and affordable prices.
  •  We work towards building trust, long term relationship and delivering high-quality service. 
  • The services will be available at reasonable rates for the assistance provided. (the amount is non-refundable)
  • We are true to our name and provide you with solutions at a rapid pace.

Services We Provide

Support for Laptops and Computers

The Rapid Help provides the latest and affordable services for computer and laptops and troubleshooting with a number of IT services. Assistance is available for personal users as well as business owners or managers looking for technology solutions for making business more efficient.

Support for Gadgets like smartphones, tabs

Numerous problems arise while handling gadgets, right from configuration to uploading applications. We are available for your assistance to help you manage your devices efficiently.

Support with the working of gadgets

Working online can be a bit tricky, we are here to assist you with your internet related problems like setting up email, password, website purchase, activating and deactivating subscriptions and many such things for managing the applications.

IT Security Solutions

We handle your security to ensure that your business, sensitive information, and the network is well protected, We provide you with solutions and advanced tools to monitor and guard your network and equipment and secure it from internet security threats, perform regular scans, identify and remove the virus and manage malfunction.

Computer Troubleshooting

Our technicians are well equipped with skills to meet all your computer repair needs by helping you resolve problems like computer diagnostics, repair of laptops and computers, installation and configuration of networks, consulting services. Computer troubleshooting is an essential part of the smooth functions of devices.

Cloud, Data Backup and Recovery

The company data and client information are very crucial for every business and the risk to this data is enormous. Our expert team understands what information is important to your business and would provide you with a plan that suits your business. We would implement a backup solution to protect your data and give you a recovery plan for accidental loss of data by employees. We include services like local backup, backup monitoring, cloud backup, data recovery with advanced solutions.

Remote IT Service

We offer remote IT services to provide fast solutions in limited time possible. Remote support services deliver optimum results by eliminating efficiency deficient problems. Our expert team repair problems customized to your business so that it is backup and running saving you money and increasing productivity.